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Thank you for your interest in working with me for your upcoming event.

I can appreciate how important this decision is for you. In the spirit of keeping it real and being authentic, I thought I would share some personal information about me besides my credentials to give you some insight of what has influenced me to help people inspire change in their lives personally and professionally.

My earlier roots are from a hard working blue collar family and community. Making money was celebrated—not obtaining further education, and especially not for girls from working-class families in 1979. After all, paying your rent and keeping food on the table was the goal. Jokingly, I often say:

“I’ve been hustlin’ a buck since I found myself babysitting at 8 years old.”

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I kid you not, I have scrubbed people’s dirty toilets; washed dishes; short-order cooked and served; worked in pizzerias, bakeries, hotels, restaurants; retail; attempted network marketing; worked in talent competition business; insurance business; worked in sales/customer service for an engineering department serving the corporate world; and ultimately with my degrees have become a professional coach; psychotherapist; social worker; professor; social entrepreneur; and work in leadership in behavioral health.

I unapologetically can tell you that I come from a dysfunctional family. I didn’t know that then—children think these things are the norm and so I did well into my 20’s. Nonetheless, it is part of my journey and I wouldn’t be me today without my roots and some of the funny stories that go along with it.

Turning 29 was a pivotal point in my life. There I stood as a single-parent of a then 5-year-old beautiful little boy. When he was an infant, I ashamedly ended up on welfare briefly until I could get back into the restaurant business. I was a bartender going nowhere fast and unbeknownst to me, I was recreating some of that wonderful dysfunctional stuff that I didn’t know was dysfunctional until it slapped me in my face. I was also creating some positive things from my past that were instilled in me—working hard and with great care at no matter what job I had, respecting people, upholding values and overall, just trying to be a good person, a great mom to my son and have some fun along the way.


My journey took the path of higher education where I studied boatloads of psychology, women’s studies, social work and industrial-organizational psychology for 16 years. Combining education and my real life work experiences on this stage called life, I bring me to the table when it comes to my delivery in anything I do. I am committed, caring and bring value to the people that choose to work with me in a custom tailored design — no cookie cutter solutions from me.

More importantly, I bring my inspiration and knowledge to pass it

along to whoever is open to wanting their own personal and professional success.

With love,

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Inspirational Books

IMPACT Performance & Productivity Field Guide

Strategies and Solutions for Leading Positive Change in Your Organization


Leading Change In Your Life: A Step-By-Step Guide

The 7 Steps to Ignite Flourishing in Leaders, Teams and Organizations


“Sherry Blair was inspiring to the Starbound national audiences for over a decade. She has a natural playfulness and ability to engage her audience. Educates, yet has a humorous style which makes her enjoyable to listen to. Sherry creates her own ‘show’ and the audience wants to be a part of it. My many clients loved her entertaining yet heartfelt emceeing.”

– Sandra Coyte, CEO Starbound National Talent Competition


Sherry has published a number of books as author and co-author to support the work she does with individuals, children, youth, families, and organizations.  She has partnered with other amazing colleagues to bring value driven courses and programs offered live and on-demand. Sherry has been an MC, trainer, keynote/inspirational speaker and event host for thousands of people since 2000 and recently began her podcast.

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